LA and around - 8/17/2003

Hello all

Hello all we are in Las Vegas now heading to the Bryce canyon. Well in Monday we had landed in LA which is as hot and dry as Beer-Sheva in the summer! In LA we saw the universal studios in there we saw some 3D movies and special feature of some well known movies (Shrek, back to the future, water world and more) The next day we want to Disneyland it was kind of a disappointment…(After universal city). That day we headed south to San Diego, it was on the way where we first got familiar with the beautiful pacific ocean shores, you won't believe how high the waves where. That night we camped for the first time and we met a very nice Canadian family from Vancouver that gave us a piece of advice (and maps) about what to see and where to sleep (wonderful Canadian hospitality!!). The next morning we drove up to the mountains to San Bernardino where we could almost see the pacific, wonderful view which makes you fill very small . Finely we were when on our way to Las Vegas when yochai saw on the side way gilders airfield and he couldnt resist it. He took about a 50 minutes flight! After driving for about four hours we arrived to Las Vegas and you won’t believe it -just as we arrived it started to rain and as everything in the USA it was a rain! We went downtown and saw the casino houses where people lose their money For the fun (some fun..). And now Sunday morning we are on the way to our first national park the Bryce canyon. Until next time …

Erez & Yochai

רשומות סמוכות