Around Anaporna - 9/28/2007

רשומות הטיול

Hello all

For 16 days we were trekking in the beautiful Annapurna reserve. The Annapurna circuit track goes through various sceneries from rice fields to pine forest, from snowy picks to desert view. It crosses many rivers (on bridges with changing scales of danger) and passes many beautiful waterfalls. It goes through many villages well prepared to accept us hungry tired trekkers.

The villages offer a quick peep to local men's life which are in many ways are so much different than ours. The pick of the track is no doubt at the Thorung-La pass 5416 m above sea level. We were more that lucky to have an amazing visibility and good weather that allowed us to enjoy this breathtaking scenery after 11 days climb. We hope that the photos reflect even a little of all that.

Neta & Yochai

רשומות סמוכות