Around Leh - 8/14/2005

Hello all

Hello every one . Meeting Dikla (Neta's sister) and Hadriel (Her boyfriend) in LEH was joyful moment. Together we have decided to go on what is known as the Baby track between Likir and Tamisgang. A 4 days long track with few hours walking each day and staying with local families in the small guest houses in the villages. In Likir we took a detour to see the Likir Gumpa, which is known for its 25 meters high Buddha statue. In all the villages the families live a very simple life. most places with only solar electricity and the menu is based on whatever grows in the garden. It was fun helping the families in cooking, Woodwork and even babysitting. In this track we first encountered the hot bucket shower (sometimes not so hot….). It seems that Neta's family decided to visit India in the same time since back in LEH we met Neta's dad - Remi and his girlfriend - Hagit. Meeting them changed to style of traveling, no more packed local buses, from now on only privet jeep and a cultural guide.

The whole happy family spent the next 2 days in the Nubra valley. The way there took 6 hours on a bad road going through the highest motor vehicle pass in the world - 5600 meters.The main attractions of the valley, other than more Gumpas, were hot springs and sand dunes (Not so big as promised in the book). After going back we have decided to leave Ladak region. We joined again Remi & Hagit for a 3 days journey to Manali. We didn't take to conventional way, we drove first to the Tsomo-ri-ri lake which is defiantly one of the best sceneries in the Ladak region. The road to Manali was bumpy but indeed beautiful. Now we are in Manli - A green town where it seems there are more Israelies then Indians. Till next time…

Neta & Yochai

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