Taj Mahal - 7/22/2005

Hello All

Hello every one . After a long day of flights and airports we arrived to Delhi airport. A quick visit to the toilet reveled us what is life going to be like from now on (there were no toilet seats). After a night in an air-conditioned room (some thing to appreciate in 30 degrees and 100% humidity even at night). We went out, to get to know India's capital - it didn't take more than few seconds to be overwhelmed be the crowded, noisy, smelly but colorful and fascinating streets.

Our first day was dedicated to getting used to the atmosphere and some site seeing as you can see in the pictures below. The next day we took the Taj express train to Agra in order to see the magnificent Taj - Mahal, the greatest mausoleum that ever been built in the name of love. Using the recommendation of an Israeli couple we met on the train, we took the day tour to Fathpur Sikri, A phantom city build and left 450 years ago, Agra fort, and off course the beautiful Taj. Now we are writing to you from Leh, beautiful town located in Ladakh region in height of 3500 meters above see level. The view of the snowing Himalayas, the clear air, the sound of Birds and flowing water, after the staying in the humid Delhi promise a relaxing time visiting Gompas (Monasteries in the mountains) and adventurous treks. have fun,

Neta & Yochai

רשומות סמוכות