Leh & Marka Valley track - 8/3/2005

Hello all

Hello every one . The atmosphere in LEH is totally deferent from the one in Delhi. Some will say it even feels like Tibet. Our first 2 days here were dedicated to altitude adaptation and getting to know the town and it's surrounding. The main attractions are Gompas (Buddhist monasteries) and Stupas (Religious monuments) which one can find in LEH and neighboring villages. One day we took a local bus (an exciting experience) to Hemis, Tiktse and Shey Gompas. On the why we found a local lawyer how volunteered to be a guide for a day. When walking through the fields we encountered a local festival including archery, live music and dancing we couldnt resist.

2 more days in LEH were put into preparation to the 8 days track to the Marka Valley. Some preparation were doing some sites seeing rafting on the Indus river. We joined a multinational group of 12 people including us. Although 8 days track is not an easy task (including 2 mountain passes, the highest - 5100 meters) waking up at 6:30 AM with a hot cup of tea served to your tent does make things easier… Each day reveled deferent scenery and amazing views. The photos bellow will describe better then words.. Now we are back in LEH planning our next moves and wishing you all the best.

Neta & Yochai

רשומות סמוכות