Around Dharmsala - 8/24/2003

Hello all

After 4 days in Manali we took a night bus to McLoed Ganj which is a small town, special for the Dali Lama house and the Tibetan government (in exile) place. McLoed is also famous for the variety of courses one can take there. We decided to make ourselves a small summer camp (summer here means rain every day...) and we took Rieki, Yoga and cooking classes (Tibetan and Indian). All of which were amazing as the pictures shows… From here we are planning to start heading back to Delhi to our flight back next week.

Hello every one . The days in McLoed ganj did well with us and after finishing all the courses, we took a day trip with some fellows we met to a nearby places. The first stop was Tibetan school of art there we saw the long road one has to go through to become a Buddhist artist and also a Temple where the Dali Lama stays in some time. The next stop was in a nice Hindi temple which with a huge statue of monkey good.

Neta & Yochai

רשומות סמוכות