New York 2 - 8/10/2003

Hello all

Hello all This part of our trip was very cultural. we have been to several museums including the Guggenheim gallery (which was more than good), the natural history museum, the sea air and space museum (including a visit in a submarine and an air carrier (which is a big thing to be on). We have seen a lot of shows, just about everything the big apple has to offer: An Indian music show, a most beautiful flamenco show, a jazz and a Jamaican reggae show in the central park. The most rememberable show was The Phantom of the opera we saw in one of the Broadway theatres. Last night we met on the subway a very nice lady named Diana, and at night we went with her boyfriend to a nice local pub. As you can see from the pictures, the lovely couple, us and the local beer had a great time. ;-) After a week in NY we can finally say that the best food in NY can be found in Chinatown (or in MacDonald's...). That all for now see you..

Erez & Yochai


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