Machu Picchu - 10/13/2008

The Machu Picchu is without doubt one of the most amazing places in Peru and in the world. A great temple build by an ancient civilization which only very basic technology (they didn't even know about the wheel).

Our journey to the mountain began at 0430 at the morning, taking place at the bus line. Eventually after a nice cup of tea, the 0530 busses arrived and we drove up in a route that wasnt known to the Inca. Being up so early is important if you want to be one of the first and only 400 people allowed to go up to the Waynapicchu peek which is a great spot to view the lost city.

Indeed it was worth going up, the view is spectacular (after you catch back your breath).Our guide, Fabian, gave a very comprehensive explanation about the Machu Picchu and the different elements in it. The feeling that we are walking in sacred places did not leave us during the whole day.

After more than 6 hours exploring the ruins, we headed down back to Aguas Calientes to catch the train to Cusco.

רשומות סמוכות