Cusco - 10/7/2008

Cusco, the navel or the center  of the ancient world according the Incas and home base for Peru's trekkers nowadays.

Our first stop  is in the lovely colonial city that demonstrates how natives and Spaniards characteristics create the fabric of Peruvian life.

Cusco has a beautiful main  square Plaza De -Armas around many restaurants and travel agencies (we visited most of them) and of course couple of churches and more gift shops then you can count.

In our first day we wandered about the nature of the city and on the second day we took a city tour that includes churches and museums in the city and archeological sites from Incas time around it. We had an amazing tour guide named Marko Antonio (or Marc Anthony) who explained beautifully about the Cuscenian school of art,  Incas special temples and ceremonies and nowadays Peruvian politics.   

רשומות סמוכות