Salkantay track - 10/12/2008

After performing a massive survey we chose the traveling agency to take us on a 5 days trek to the Machu-Picchu , a trek known as the Salkantay trek.

The pickup to the trek arrived to our hotel at 4:30 am as it was raining cats and dogs - indeed a promising start. On the way we met our partners for the next couple of days –  a Dutch girl who lives in Switzerland and doesn't stop talking about it, an anarchistic, atheistic, pacifistic Swedish couple, a 60 years old French couple, 5 crazy Spanish people one Israeli guy, a guide two cooks and couple of horse men an impressive entourage indeed.

We started our walk after a small breakfast in a village named Mollepata, as we started to climb up  a nice Lithuanian couple joined us after their Inca trail ticket (which they booked 6 months before) were stolen (probably by their loyal tour guide). On the end of the first day after struggling the altitude and the longitude(…) we finally arrived at our first camp at the height of 3900 meters above sea level. It was terribly cold and since Yochai had a bad altitude sickness we made with a cup of tea and some popcorn, skipped dinner and went to bed.

On the second day we woke up strengthened after a good night sleep ready for the hardest day of the trek  in which you walk 25 km while climbing 700 meters and descending more than 1500 meters. We refused to take  a pony up and struggled our way to the Incachiriaska pass (4600 meters). To those of you that did not experience walking in such heights you must know that each step is hard when your muscles screaming for oxygen.

On the third day the weather was great and so was our mood as the hardest part was behind us. Yochai even found some time to play soccer (Spain against the rest of the world, 6:4). On that evening we arrived at Santa Teresa where we enjoyed hot springs and the villages jubilee.

On the fourth day we took a ride to Hydro Electrico where we had a very long lunch break. We spent the time playing 10 players’ Taki and drinking bear.

After lunch we started walking along the railroad towards Aguas Calientes the small town laying under the Machu Picchu, where we slept in a nice guest house and had an almost decent shower.

The next day we woke up at 4:00 am (again) in order to get in line for the first bus to the Machu-Picchu but all that is told in the next entry

רשומות סמוכות