Arequipa - 10/17/2008

Arequipa The white city” who got her nick name after the white volcanic stone from which the Spaniards built its main plaza.

Nice and sunny city offers many sites to see from churches to old Spaniards houses and museums that describe scenes from Inca and pr Inca life.

We started our visit in a museum that tells the story of Huanita a young girl who was sacrificed to the gods in Inca's  time. Huanita was a noble child who was selected carefully to be offered to the gods in order to ease their minds after a strong volcanic eruption. Her preserved body is presented in a small fridge in the museum. Then we visited the Santa Catalina monastery where wealthy  European nuns lived aside poor American nuns.

A snack at the “Mammoth” ended badly for Yochai there for  we had to cancel our planned trek to Colca Canyon - the next day was dedicated to rest and fast…       

רשומות סמוכות